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  Festival Calendar : September 22nd  
Date / Venue Information :
September 19 – 25 
MovieTowne Entertainment & Shopping Complex
Lot D, MovieTowne Boulevard
Audrey Jeffers Highway
Port of Spain
Trinidad, West Indies

Movietowne screenings $20. Schoolchildren in uniform $5.
  Film Schedule : September 22nd  
Time: 11am - 1pm 
  • 5 Best School Shorts
    5 @ 5 mins each

  • Title: In Hot Water
    Director: Owen Day/Skene Howie
    Duration/Date: 15mins/2007
    Genre: Documentary
    Country: T & T
    Synopsis: The story of the unprecedented mass coral bleaching that affected Caribbean reefs. What causes coral bleaching and what is being done to manage it?
  • Title: I Spy [Wildlife]
    Director: Elspeth Duncan
    Duration/Date: 12 minutes/2007
    Genre: Short documentary
    Country: Trinidad and Tobago
    Synopsis: Under the guidance of Multimedia artist Elspeth Duncan and using a video camera, children aged 7–10 conceptualised this series of four shorts that reveal their perspectives on the natural environment. I SPY Trees. I SPY Wildlife; I SPY Things in My Garden; I SPY Recycling:
  • Title: YES - Caribbean Young Explorers [Grande Rivere]
    Director: Lorraine O’Connor
    Duration/Date: 20-22min per episode/2006
    Genre: Television series
    Country: Trinidad and Tobago
    Synopsis: A television series, hosted by children, that highlights our culture and traditions and the geographical make up of our islands. Each episode is set in a different part of the country and focuses on themes such as education, community development and environmental preservation.
  • 5 Short Local Animations

Time : 
 1pm - 3pm
  • Title: Morning Glory [ Director Present ]
    Director: Kevin Bhall
    Duration/Date: 4 mins/2005
    Genre: Animation
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago
    Synopsis: A short Caribbean Fantasia, set to the sound of hypnotic music. This piece exemplifies art in motion.
  • Title: La Rebelle [ Rated 18 & Over ]
    Director: Sacha Parisot
    Duration/date: 93 mins.
    Genre: Feature
    Country; Haiti
    Synopsis; A sweet teenager becomes a foul-mouthed, alcohol-drinking, drug-taking, promiscuous teen when she finds her single dad with a new girlfriend. Just how far will she take her personal rebellion?

Time :
 3pm - 5:30pm
  • Title: Given Enough Rope [ Director Present ]
    Director: Roger Allan Jackson
    Duration/Date: 6 mins/2003
    Genre: Animation
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago
    Synopsis A chance encounter sometimes makes a big difference.
  • Title: El Caracazo [ Rated 18 & Over ]
    Director: Roman Chalbaud
    Duration/Date: 107 min/2005
    Genre: Feature
    Country: Venezuela
    Synopsis:  In 1989 a sudden popular rebellion erupted in the small Venezuelan city of Guarenas and spread to Caracas. Unbridled military force used against people protesting the government’s hard economic measures resulted in hundreds dead. This film attempts to reconcile those events for the victims and their families in the absence of any official investigation and a veil of silence.

Time :
 5:30pm - 8pm
  • Title: Black Men and Me [ Rated 18 & Over ]
    Director: Michèle Pearson Clarke
    Duration/Date: 6min/2006
    Genre: Documentary
    Country: Canada
    Synopsis: Set in a barbershop, a Trinidadian lesbian explores her complex relationships with black men.
  • Title: Paradise Lost [ Rated 18 & Over ]
    Director: Inge Blackman
    Duration/Date: 24min/2003
    Genre: Documentary
    Country: United Kingdom
    Synopsis: A personal, poetic journey to Trinidad to see how gay people live in a deeply religious society.
  • Title: Unease: An 8-Step Programme [ Director Present ]
    Director: Jaime Lee Loy
    Duration/Date: 8min/2006
    Genre: Experimental video/short
    Country: Trinidad and Tobago
    Synopsis: The eight steps to normalcy - or eight steps to being a natural or ideal woman - reveal and question the psychological after-effects women face when trying to fit themselves into a life or a role they do not desire.
  • Title: Leftovers [ Rated 18 & Over ] [ Director Present ]
    Director: Janine Fung
    Duration/Date: 6 mins/2005
    Genre: Documentary
    Country: T&T/Canada
    Synopsis: Janine Fung questions family values over dinner.
  • Title: The Doctor’s Daughter, or The Secret and the Lie [ Rated 18 & Over ] [ Director Present ]
    Director: Janine Fung
    Duration/Date: 73min/2005
    Genre: Feature
    Country: Canada
    Synopsis: Nikki and Regan become lovers in Trinidad, while Regan is engaged to Howard. Six years later in Toronto, they try to hide their secret. At turns poignant and funny, the film explores the volatile, compelling nature of modern relationships.

Time :
 8pm - 10:30pm
  • Title: Testing Times [ Rated 18 & Over ] [ Director Present ]
    Director: Christopher Din Chong
    Duration/date: 8mins/2007
    Genre: Drama
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago
    Synopsis: Alex decides that an HIV test is necessary, but struggles to combat the inner demons in order to calm the qualms and fears that arise.
  • Title: Does the President Have AIDS? [ Rated 18 & Over ]
    Director: Arnold Antonin
    Duration/Date: 125min/2006
    Genre: Feature
    Country: Haiti
    Synopsis: Dao, “president” of the Compas music scene lives a life of sex, drugs and alcohol, until he becomes ill. He meets Nina and rescues her from Larieux, the wealthy businessman her mother wants her to marry. As romance blossoms between Dao and Nina, Larieux plans his revenge….