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  The Film Industry
Trinidad and Tobago’s film sector began emerging in the late fifties to early sixties and by the late seventies, there were a handful of local productions, both feature film and television. Along with an outstanding geographic location, the country has substantial resources for the production of feature films, with a well developed theatrical community, playwrights, experienced production crews, etc.

Sector Profile
As of January 2007, Trinidad and Tobago film industry consisted of twelve (12) production companies; (33) companies offering production support services; nine (9) television stations. Altogether, the production companies employ a core staff of approximately 200 full-time employees, while the television stations employ over 700 persons. Expertise abounds in the production of commercials and corporate videos. Roughly, 136 foreign film crews came through T&T in 2005-2006, generating revenues of US$1.4 million. The components of the local film industry include:
  • Creative – screenwriters, film directors, art directors, actors, directors of photography, animators, music composers, editors;
  • Production – producers acquire the rights for a property, assemble the creative team, secure financing, develop the property and arrange distribution.
  • Distribution – local, regional and international;
  • Exhibition – theatrical (cinemas, DVD/video outlets) and non theatrical (schools, Government and other institutions);
  • Broadcasting – television, direct television, cable, pay per-view, specialty and conventional channels.

For the prospective film producer, Trinidad and Tobago can boast of a unique advantage, with its concentrated variety of contrasting location sites all within the close proximity to each other. Products of the local film sector includes feature films, documentaries, music videos, television dramas and sit-coms, entertainment programs, commercials, corporate productions, educational programs, etc.

Over the last 50 years a number of international feature films have been shot on location in Trinidad and Tobago including:

  • “Heaven Knows Mr. Alison” with Robert Mitchum
  • “Fire Down Below” with Rita Hayworth (1957)
  • “Disney’s “The Swiss Family Robinson” (1960)
  • “The Mystic Masseur” (a Merchant/Ivory production, 2000), and
  • “Calypso Dreams” (2002).
  • Calypso @Dirty Jim (2004)

Internationally acclaimed documentaries:

  • “The Trial of Life”
  • “Vampires, Devilbirds and Spirits”
  • “Little Creatures who Run the World”
  • Soca Power (2008)

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