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At Sea
Parlatuvier is a serene fishing village in Tobago. This well-made and evocative documentary tells the story of the men and their families who dedicate their lives to fishing. But more than this, as the story unfolds the stream-of-consciousness narratives draw on the symbols evident within fishing culture, and from it larger patterns emerge and parallels are drawn to describe the similarity between fishing and life.

Director: Neisha Agostini
Genre: Documentary
Format: DVD
Run time: 25 mins
Contact: Neisha@parallaxproductions.info Website: www.parallaxproductions.info

Backlash (2005)
In this explosive, action-packed thriller, beautiful but deadly CIA operative Skye Gold is sent to Trinidad to hide out after breaking up a large illegal arms smuggling operation. Soon after she arrives on the island, Skye discovers that her superiors at the CIA are not the only ones who know her whereabouts. It’s a deadly race against time as Skye must stay one step ahead of two hired assassins and rogue agents while running through the Island’s hypnotic streets during Carnival.

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Starring: Kevin Levrone, Bas Rutten, Danielle Burgio, Lauren Kim
Director: David Chameides
Rating: R
Format: DVD
Produced by: G. Anthony Joseph
Executive Producer: Dave Cabral

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The Banyan Programme Catalogue

A collection of documentaries from Banyan productions:

  • Bele - 20 minute instructional documentary - 1979
  • EPIPHANY - Four part half hour drama series - 1981
  • TRINIDAD & TOBAGO AT CARIFESTA - One hour documentary- 1981
  • THE RIG - 90 minute drama - 1983
  • THE FAMILY OF THE CARIBBEAN - One hour documentary - 1983
  • CARIBBEAN VISION - Half hour magazine - 1984
  • ASTOR JOHNSON: REFLECTIONS ON THE DANCE - One hour documentary/dance- 1983
  • GOING FOREIGN - Half hour drama/documentary - 1983
  • (And many more titles here)

Director: Banyan Productions
Genre: Documentary
Format: DVD
Run time: Various
Banyan Limited,
3 Adam Smith Square, Woodbrook,
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, The Caribbean
Voice: (868) 681 0175
Fax: (868) 622 4601
E-mail: banyan@pancaribbean.com

Calypso Dreams
This remarkably engaging film by directors Geoffrey Dunn (Maddalena Z and Miss... or Myth?) and Michael Horne captures the triumphant human spirit and dynamic musical genius of venerable Calypso singers from the Caribbean island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Named "Best Caribbean Documentary" at the Jamerican Film Festival, Calypso Dreams shatters the popularized perception of calypso spawned in the 1950s by Harry Belafonte (who contributed an insightful interview to the film). As with The Buena Vista Social Club, this charming film is a cultural rediscovery.

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Featuring: The Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Lord Kitchener.
Commentary by: David Rudder and Chalkdust
Directors: Geoffrey Dunn and Michael Horne
Producers: Dunn, Horne, Mark Schwartz & Eric Thiermann
Format: DVD

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Calypso at Dirty Jim's (2005)
Featuring the last of the great Calypsonians, bringing them all together to sing such classics as “Rum & Coca Cola”, Jean and Dinah, “Same and scandal in the family”, to name a few, the film provides an opportunity to recapture the sound of classic Calypso in all of its splendor. Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Terror, Bomber, Superior and Relator are gathered around Syl Dopson’s orchestra on the scene at “Dirty Jim’s Club, specially recreated for the film. Lively and touching, filed in the sidelines of Trinidad Carnival, this musical documentary provides a sensitive and original rendering of Calypso, its culture and the legendary singers of the Dirty Jim’s.

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Director: Pascale Obolo
Producer: Jean Michel Gibert for Maturity Music Rating: AA
Format: DVD
Purchase this DVD:www.trinidadmusicstore.com or
Dmusicstore at piarco airport
Caribbean Young Explorers (2006)
This educational 13 part TV series follows a group of children – the Young Explorers – on a journey through Trinidad & Tobago, discovering the lifestyle of children in different areas and in their natural environment. The children from the communities visited act as the hosts and present to the Young Explorers their life styles with pride and enthusiasm. Two animated animals, Freddo the frog and Sunnee the snail follow the Young Explorers on their journeys.

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Duration: 22 – 24 mins/episode
Director: Lorraine O’Connor
Rating: AA
Format: DVD
Produced by: Riddums Productions
Purchase this DVD: www.trinidadmusicstore.com or
De Music Store, Duty Free Area,
Piarco International Airport.

Contact: Lorraine O’Connor – 1 868 628-5254

Carnival in Northeastern Trinidad (2006)
Carnival activities in Sangre Grande and surrounding areas are not dead but only ignored by the media houses. This lack of exposure leads to an apparent diminished view of carnival in these areas. This video seeks to dispel that view thru the voices of participants like bandleaders, calypsonians, designers, teachers, committee members and winners of carnival pageants.

Producer/Director: Oliver Roopsingh
Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 30 min
Contact: Oliver Roopsingh

Contract Killers (2008)
Overnight an assassin becomes the target. A story of betrayal and a woman’s struggle to survive against the odds. The movie, which features young Swedish actress Frida Farrell in the role of Jane, takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride as Jane is on the run from the company she once worked for, as she has evidence of them being involved in fraud. The company, knowing their secret is out, tries to frame Jane who ends up in the popular and prosperous Caribbean island, Trinidad. They later hire Joseph, (who portrays Monoven) a highly-trained contract killer from the island to eliminate her.

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Starring: Frida Farrell, Nick Mancuso, G. Anthony Joseph
Director: Justin B. Rhodes
Rating: R
Format: DVD
Produced by: G. Anthony Joseph
Executive Producer: Dave Cabral

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Coolie Pink and Green (2009)

The film explores the fact that in spite of the significant presence of East Indians in the Caribbean, Indian culture has yet to be seen as truly indigenous. This film projects a new way of seeing Caribbean Indian culture, through the story of a young Hindu girl who is learning the beauty of her culture, even as an eleder in her community attempts to hold her in a traditional mould. While the girls is sympathetic to the elder’s views, she already lives in a hybrid culture, and must celebrate both.

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Director: Patricia Mohammed
Format: DVD
Contact: Patricia.Mohammed@sta.uwi.edu


No one gives directions like a Trinidadian. Ask a Trini how to get to a certain place and if he doesn’t know the way, instead of admitting his ignorance, he’ll send you on a roundabout route guaranteed to get you hopelessly lost. In this short dramatisation of that endearing and frustrating phenomenon, a number of persons are asked to give directions to a well-known Port of Spain landmark, with unsurprisingly hilarious results. Best Short Film at the 2008 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.

Directed by: Rene Pollonais
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Flight of the Ibis (1996)
Renowned martial arts master, G. Anthony Joseph, plays Joe Cameron, an undercover detective who finds himself framed for the murder of his wife and best friend. Cameron uses his unique style of Kung-Fu to outwit the drug lord is who truly responsible for the murders.

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Starring: G. Anthony Joseph, Paul Tuerpe and Tricia Lee Kelshall
Director: Ric Moxley
Rating: R
Format: DVD
Produced by: G. Anthony Joseph
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Herman’s Tales
Herman is a storyteller (a puppet) who recounts stories of his past, at his home in Poui Village. Six titles include Banana Robber a story that parodies violence in modern Trinidad and Tobago society, Super Hero Charlie, Clean Up Your Act, The Greedy Friend and others and new tales are in currently in production.

Produced by: Kirk Budhooram, Roger Alexis and Kenwyn Francis.
Featuring: Kirk Budhooram, Roger Alexis and Kenwyn Francis
Format: DVD

www.facebook.com Keyword: HERMAN TALES
Hit for Six (2007)
“Hit for Six” is a captivating fictional story of a playboy West Indies cricketer who fights demons of his past, including a match fixing charge. He learns about love while struggling for his last chance to play in a major global tournament and earn the respect of his estranged and critical father, a former great West Indies player. This emotional drama, punctuated with excitement, intrigue and love, tells the inspirational story of Alex Nelson, a talented but inconsistent cricketer, who has been sidelined from the WI team for scuffling with his coach, Amir Misra of India.

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Starring: Andrew Pilgrim, Rudolph Walker, Varia Williams, Jeanille Bonterre
Writer/Director: Alison Saunders-Franklyn Format: DVD
Executive Producer: Alison Saunders-Franklyn
Purchase this DVD: Blue Waters Productions Inc., emilyanderson@sfacommunications.net

Insatiable Season: Making Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago (2007)
For four months every year, a camp of people in Trinidad converges for the ritual of making a Carnival band. The time together is intense and exhausting. When the insatiable season ends, art will have been made, worn and discarded…until the season returns.

Producer/Director: Mariel Brown
Genre: Cultural Documentary
Run Time: 52 mins
Purchase this DVD: Website: amazon.com
Contact: E-mail: mariel@wow.net

JAB: The Blue Devils of Paramin

Kootoo, "King Devil" of rural Paramin is getting ready for Trinidad's famous Carnival. Every year he and his brothers play 'jab'. They become 'possessed', harassing bystanders, ripping up banana trees, blowing fire. But does Kootoo still have it in him to retain his title, or with the younger Jabs be the better of him?

With a CD-worthy soundtrack of traditional Trinidadian folk-songs and calypsos, this exquisitely filmed documentary provides an intimate and humourous portrait of a unique Trinidadian community.

This 46 minute documentary is set during the build-up to Carnival in the mountain village of Paramin. It tells the story of the Fatima Trace Blue Devils, a band of brothers headed by Kootoo, the king devil, as they prepare for the big Carnival Monday competition. We follow their transformation from ordinary, working members of the community into the outrageous, terrifying., mock-diabolic creatures that are the blue devils or "jabs". Known for his athletic prowess and his dancing skills, the charismatic Kootoo must still work hard to win the prize for the best devil band. Told by the villagers themselves in their own dialect, this entertaining story highlights the joyous heart of Paramin.

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Producer & Director: Alex de Verteuil
Format: DVD

Purchase this DVD: www.trinidadmusicstore.com. A Different Booklist, 746 Bathurst St., Toronto

JJ and Friends
JJ & Friends is children’s television series designed to teach young children a range of issues including academic and social lessons using Caribbean culture, local Idioms and Caribbean music genres such as (calypso, soca, reggae and chutney etc) to make the lessons more appealing. Each episode features specific themes such as friendship, teamwork, sharing, manners, punctuality and self-esteem. Other segments feature local story tellers and story books, that stimulate a child’s interest in math, art, sports, music, dance, science, social studies, study tips and caring for the environment.

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Producer: Rodney Seemungal
Duration: 30 mins
Genre: Children
Rating: AA
Format: DVD
Contact: Rodney Seemungal

Mas in de West

Mas in de West captures the colour, energy and rhythm that emanates from Western Port of Spain, the hub of Trini Carnival. It features masmakers, mas camps, steelbands, carnival characters and revelers as they take over the streets of Woodbrook, St. James to play mas, Trini style.

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Producer/Director: L. Michael Lewis
Format: DVD
Contact: Michael Lewis

Mas Man

Mas Man is an intimate portrayal of Peter Minshall’s life in art—reinventing “mas” as a tool to enlighten spectators about the complexities of life. Minshall’s work has significantly influenced global awareness of Carnival, Trinidad and Tobago’s principal cultural export.
Similar to a large-scale costume, this documentary is comprised of multiple threads, including Minshall’s 26-year “masography”; his design and stage acumen (documented in the 2006 presentation “The Sacred Heart”); and his contribution to the artistic direction of the opening ceremonies for three Olympic Games.

Producer/Director: Dalton Narine
Format: DVD
Run Time: 106 minutes
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This first feature of a trilogy, tells the story of the coming of a black female Messiah in the future, during a period known as the Apocaplyso – a global holocaust that she alone survives.

Featuring: Evelyn Caesar-Munroe, Yashmin Campagne, Michael Cherrie
Producer/Director: Yao Ramesar
Format: DVD

Purchase this DVD: sistagodthemovie@yahoo.com
Soca Power (2008)
In this revealing and often intimate documentary, we get up close with four of Trinidad and Tobago’s hottest Soca talents – Machel Montano , Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and Isaac Blackman as they explain what Soca is and what it means to them. Follow the artistes backstage in the rehearsal room and out on the streets as they meet and mingle with their fans. The film features footage of a number of electrifying live performances, including a pore-raising scene in which Isaac Blackman leads a group of hundreds of school children in a sing-along of his father Ras Shorty I’s classic anti-drug anthem.

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Director: Claude Santiago
Producers: Adn Maturity Music and Trace TV Rating: AA
Format: DVD
Purchase this DVD: www.trinidadmusicstore.com or
Dmusic store at piarco airport

The Reef (2007)
Set in a luxurious boutique hotel in Tobago known as "The Reef". This 13-part drama series chronicles the lives of the people who live and work in and around the resort.

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Producer/Director: Danielle Dieffenthaller /Diefferent Style Flims
Genre: Drama TV Series
Starring: Deborah Maillard, Errol Sitahal, Nigel Rojas, Nadia Batson, Brian Green, Kees Dieffenthaller, Hypa Hoppa, Kerri Leigh, Michael Cherrie, Cecilia Salazar, Arnold "Pinny" Goindhan, Judith Theodore, Jus Jase and introducing Mandisa Boxill
Contact: Danielle Dieffenthaller

The Vegetarian Super Machine (2006)
This animated tale is about one man’s journey in search of his treasure.  After much travel through the green, lush Caribbean Forest and into heaven the treasure turns out to be far from his grasp but close to his soul.  Based on a poem by 13TH Century poet Jullaludin Rumi this sweet tale is accompanied by the melodic sound of Caribbean music by song writer and musician Sheldon Blackman.

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Duration: 5 minutes
Director: Camille Selvon-Abrahams                   Rating: AA       
Genre: Children’s Animation
Produced by: Camille Selvon-Abrahams            Featuring the voice of:  Ache Abrahams
Contact:  Animae Caribe, Full Circle Produtions, 2 Abercromby Street, St. Joseph. 
Email:  cabrahams@animae caribe.com  Website:  www.animaecaribe.com 

We to Blame
We to Blame is a social commentary documentary about solid waste. It is an interesting blend of live footage-interviews and animation, narrated by 2 animated corbeaux

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Producer/Director: Revelino Guevara
Genre: Documentary
Contact: Revelino Guevara

Westwood Park (Season One)
Westwood Park, weaves the story of the Du Soleil and Gunn-Munroe families, whose affluent lifestyles and picture-perfect smiles become less than idyllic on closer inspection. In Season One, the two families, residents of the affluent Westwood Park neighbourhood, are locked in a tenuous friendship, underscored by intrigue and passion, as they approach their unification through the impending marriage of their children. This delicate relationship is tested even more when the sexy and alluring Maya descends upon Westwood Park, unleashing demons from the past and throwing the lives of its inhabitants into utter turmoil. Set in lush and luxurious locations rarely seen in Caribbean dramas, Westwood Park is driven by the universal topics of love, hate, power, lust, greed, corruption, romance, heartbreak and the strife for social justice and consciousness.

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Starring: Bernard Hazell, Natacha Jones, Debora Boucaud-Mason, Michael Cherrie, Renee Castle
Director: Danielle Dieffenthaller
Format: DVD
Purchase this DVD: Amazon.com

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