“Film is cool. There are many Careers in the Film Industry and a lot of opportunities.”

Answering the call from secondary school students for information on career opportunities in the national film industry, the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (TTFF) recently participated in two Career Day events at the Diego Martin Central Secondary School and Providence Girls School on November 4, 2009 and November 6, 2009 respectively.

The TTFC’s Outreach Programme coordinator, Mrs. Marissa Burke presented students with an overview of the careers within the film industry and the training institutions in Trinidad and Tobago that offer film programmes. Students enjoyed the film “Curepe Drumstick Robbery” which won the 2009 Secondary Schools Short Film Competition. It was evident from feedback provided by the students that they gained a better appreciation of the industry’s potential and were willing to consider film as an exciting career opportunity.

In the words of one Providence student “Trinidad and Tobago can be noticed all over the world with local films” while one student from Diego Martin Central Secondary expressed gratitude for the information and noted that “I loved the Outreach Programme and I would definitely like to work in the film industry.” Diego Martin Central Secondary

The TTFC has developed an Outreach Programme with weekly visits by students to the TTFC Offices. Industry professionals including Lisa Wickham, Francis Escayg, Nadella Riley, Roger Allan Jackson and Andre Johnson act as volunteers in the programme sharing their experiences with the students.

Schools desirous of inviting the TTFC to participate at their Career Day or attending the TTFC Outreach Programme are encouraged to contact Mrs. Marissa Burke at the TTFC on 625-FILM

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