Nothing motivates cricket fans of the Caribbean like the anticipation of the game. In seeking to build on the anticipation and hype for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Twenty/20, the ICC has commissioned a new advertising campaign. The creative concept is a simple yet effective one whereby popular Caribbean sports and entertainment icons will endorse the tournament by sharing their unabashed enthusiasm and passion for the sport. Ron Boucher, a creative resource at Push, a Florida based Advertising Agency, is the person to be credited with coming up with the concept.

The TTFC recently met with representatives from Push and Epix, the Los Angeles based Production Company commissioned to shoot the commercial. With the carnival season in high gear the crew admitted that they purposely visited Trinidad in February to be able to meet up with local and regional celebrities visiting and performing on the island. The shoot for the commercial took place at a recording studio in Palmiste and also at the Zen nightclub, in Port of Spain.

Louis LaMonte, director of the commercial and Ron Boucher are no strangers to T&T having collaborated on a very successful and popular local advertisement some years ago, also with a cricket theme. LaMonte was thrilled at the opportunity to come back to T&T and shared that on his first visit the “cooperation from the people in Trinidad and Tobago was wonderful”. With respect to the current shoot LaMonte noted “your film people are very knowledgeable and their attitude is great. The equipment we needed was readily available and the talent was also found in Trinidad”.

The Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (TTFC) worked with Ira Brooks, producer of the commercial, in providing assistance to the agency executives, director and crew in facilitating their smooth entry to the country, having pre-arranged customs documentation, visa waivers and other administrative requirements. The crew brought in an HD camera for the shoot and was thrilled to report that full production and logistical support were provided by local production company, Sasi Productions, which was also able to supply all of the other equipment required for the shoot.

When asked her view about the success of the shoot and the support received for the project so far, Push representative Michelle Gibson noted that everyone had been “very accommodating” probably due to their “love of cricket and the West Indies”. She was confident that the campaign would significantly raise awareness about the tournament.

Marlon Chen, a Trinidadian who left the country in 1985, now living in Florida, was also among the crew having been hired to score original music for the commercial. Chen is another example of the many nationals who work in the film industry both internationally and locally making their mark and achieving tremendous success.

The ICC cricket commercial is being produced with input, footage and celebrities from three Caribbean islands, the first of which was Trinidad and Tobago, to be followed by Barbados and Jamaica thereafter. The TTFC looks forward to the launch of the promotion and is pleased that T&T was among the locations selected for the project.

The TTFC is currently facilitating several new projects from commercials to feature films that will be filmed in Trinidad and Tobago within the next few months. Information about these projects will be posted on the Company’s website at and on the TTFC’s recently launched Face Book page at

Camera crew on stand-by to shoot the commercial at the Zen Night Club

Louis LaMonte - Director, Ron Boucher from Push Ad Agency on location
at the Zen nightclub

Patrice Matthews, Marketing Department - TTFC


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