Sharing the Same Caribbean Soul – the 2010 Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase

The Call for Entries of Films for the 3rd edition of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase was made in June 2009 and a total of 23 countries responded. Last week in Cuba, the Selection Committee met to review the 217 films that were submitted from the 2010 Showcase. Films from the countries of Martinique, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao, St Lucia, Haiti, Belize, Nicaragua and Colombia were submitted for consideration.

The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase is an initiative started in Cuba (2006) in collaboration with UNESCO. In the first year, 106 films from 17 countries were submitted, in the second year 118 films were received from 17 countries and in 2010, a total of 217 films were submitted.

The three-year old Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase has received support from many countries within the Caribbean with participation by 22 countries in the first year and by 2009, it had expanded to 24 regional countries of the Caribbean region.

Members of the 2010 Selection Committee which comprised Rigoberto Lopez, Cuban film maker and President of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, Carla Foderingham, CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company, Norman de Palm, writer-producer of Curacao and Rassoul Labuchin, Haitian film maker/writer were impressed with the quality of the 2010 films.

The project is attracting international attention as noted by Rigoberto Lopez who stated that “many letters were received from countries outside the region, such as Europe and the USA expressing support for the project, and requesting that the films be screened in their countries”.

Haiti’s Rassoul Labuchin noted that the Showcase promotes unity within the region. “We all share the same Caribbean soul”, he pointed out while Carla Foderingham commented that “the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase is valuable as it is the only platform for the screening of regional films other than the Film Festivals. Not every country has a Film Festival”.

The films of the 2010 Travelling Film Showcase will next be translated and sub-titled converting the four main languages of the Caribbean, French, Dutch, Spanish and English featured on the films. Copies of the films will be made and sent to the countries participating in screening the Travelling Film Showcase films. Cuba’s Film Institute, ICAIC (Instituto Cubano del Arte y La Industria Cinematograficos) manages the sub-titling and copying of the films.

Norman de Palm stressed the importance for countries of the region to partner with the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase to ensure the project’s growth and sustainability. He noted that “the countries should provide financial support for this important project and not simply screen the films in their respective territories”.

The dates for the Trinidad and Tobago Showcase are not yet confirmed; however, the launch to announce the 2010 films is planned for next month.

A Showcase of Haitian films will also be screened in 2010 to assist Haitian film-makers.

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Patrice Matthews, Marketing Department - TTFC

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